07 October 2014

Zuki Saved My Life

With cheesecake brownies
She saved me from violence
when a flat tire in the sun
Wasn't very fun.

Hip Happy Brownies
helped us see blessings
Instead of grumble
at the work to be done.

As we traveled
on a rickety spare;
A major wrong turn
Normally would have
caused me to pull out my hair....
Instead, due to a friend
We smiled and explored
Learning about the land
God brought us to  once more.

Angel, not Ange,
is how I see-
This person who's given
my life back to me!

With gummies and yummies
She rescued me from thirst;
Soothing butter and honey
Saved me from my worst.

The headaches of altitude sickness
and drought
Lead me to worry, frightened
...in doubt.
Through candies and cookies
in flavors galore--
She saved me from illness,
my spirits did soar!

Thank you my Sister,
I can't say enough.
Please believe me,
It got mighty rough!
The clouds of my mind,
my body broken in half;
To say you saved my life,
Isn't to laugh.

Then there's the life
of my husband and mate,
Without your candy,
I may doubt our fate!

Thank you again,
for being a sister and friend;
We thank you so much,
Gratitude without end.

(written 7 Oct 2014)

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