21 June 2013

Old Blog, New Post; New Life

Ahhh.... wow... what a year.

I feel like I have been gone for a year, and guess what; according to THIS blog, I have been! :)

Lots, yet nothing to say, about the absence. I have grown quite a bit the past year. I have learned a LOT about sin, about euphoria and about life. I have grown up, via being pushed down.
I have lost my ability to speak and to write, having had all of the gifts I was gifted with, removed from me until I repented for my actions and changed my ways.

I have felt repentance.
I have also learned what joy and bliss are not. Then I was granted with the wonderful and gracious gift of the knowledge that I have glipsed the lighte, and the truth and the light and the life are Christ. I finally learned I am a daughter of God.
What a gift!

Yes, I converted. I am a Latter-Day Saint.
I have been "born again".
Does that change who I was? No.
Am I still the girl that most of you know? Yes. I am still me.
I am still everything I was before, but I know why I am here and what my job on this side of the veil is. For many of you who have followed me for the past 3 years, you know that is something I have struggled with for quite some time.

I know MY path. I still do not believe in judging others; that is something that is only reserved for The Judge. At the time of Judgement.

I am on MY path.

I will be writing quite a bit more in the next few months. Going through the fun and physical challenges to have the rest of my bottom teeth taken care of, and a bottom plate created; a project for this summer.

Just a note to my readers, my subscribers... and yes... I am okay with anyone reading this. Now.

I am SOOO over me. I have many apologies to issue: some private, some public.
This past year I have disappointed myself in my lack of morality. To the extreme. I hurt many other people, but I also hurt my heart. Deeply.

I have said my apologies to the One, in who's opinion I value the most: God.

To my dear friends who love and care about me, I apologize to one and all. I refused to hear your warnings about my actions, my pride got in the way. We all want to be adored; I just had the wrong idea about what that meant. I am learning.

Love and Lighte to all. To All.