16 October 2010

Going with the Flow

So, yesterday I had the feeling that I should be looking to leave town today. That wasn't going to happen.

However, if I hadn't begun looking for fares and information today, I wouldn't have been able to make a plan for tomorrow evening.

So, the plan at this oing is to leave Chico, California on Sunday night by train. I should get into Van Nyes, California; suberb of LA, in the evening on Monday. The day before I turn 44.

I need to make some plans to meet up with someone where I can just dump my bags while I tour the area for a bit. However, I need to spend one of the weekdays, or more than one, visiting the library, and Salvation Army museum (genealogy) to search archived records. Also need to find the county seat. Many Brees in the area back in time....

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